Whispers of the Cosmos  -   5 days workshop 

September 8-12th, 2017
Norway - Oldedalen


Are you trying to align your life to your own rhythm?
Are you curious about how the unseen energies of this world influence your life path?
Have you been called by the unknown?
Have you felt your references of life being shaken and stirred? 
Would you like to better understand your place in this world, your healing journey and in what you are invited to grow, learn and explore? 

The position of the stars in relation to you will define the current themes you are going through now. A better understanding of time and astrological aspects will give you tools to raise your confidence in order to step forward in alignment with your life path.

We cannot change the weather, but we can learn to navigate and set the sails.

Come join us in the magical setting of Oldedalen to reconnect with nature, with the cosmos, with yourself and with your own rhythm through learning more about astrology, your personal chart and explore/practice meditation.  

What will you learn:

In this 5 day workshop we will step into a fuller spectrum of awareness of the cosmos, of astrology, of healing.

- Learn how time & calendars influence your awareness and how to effectively claim back your own cycles.  
- Discover the qualities that each planet takes on through the houses and how it influences you this year.
- Learn how to navigate opportunities and challenges of the present moment.
- Empower your healing journey by synchronizing with your chart.   

We will proceed through a series of lectures, visual presentations, meditations and practical exercises.  
Free time in the afternoons are meant to reconnect with nature as of the necessary support for integration.
The goal is to merge to our own center by listening to the whispers of the cosmos.


Module 1: September 8-9-10,th 2017

What is time?  We will stretch the boundaries of our understanding to come to a more complete approach of the concept of time.  We will look at the solar system as a cosmic clock.  We will familiarize with “true” space in meditation. Cosmic scales will become more tangible.

How do planets influence our story?

Our lives are shaped by cycles, like the seasons.  We will look at the seasons of your life. How does our current Gregorian calendar dismiss our natural rhythm?  How to get it back? We will familiarize with symbolism of the planets and their rhythms, with the archetypes of the houses. All this will give you tools to understand the life lessons and invitations for growth presented to you by life along the way.

You will receive a guidebook (30 p. pdf.) with a personalized chart of your sign.


DAY 1 - Introduction - Consciousness and the nature of time 

DAY 2 - The Solar System - a journey into space

DAY 3 - House Symbolism & the Archetypes 




Module 2: September 11-12, 2017


Bringing the new insights into practice.  Aligning astrology to your healing journey by connecting to your own timeline.  This will support you in finding your flow.

You will receive your own Astrotimelines chart.  Through group readings we will pinpoint some essential insights for your experiential forecast, discovering what is active in your chart now.

*For those who have joined the Module 1 in the past and are interested in joining module 2, feel free to contact us.


DAY 4 & 5 - The timelines of your life and group readings.




8.30 - Optional Yoga 

9.00 - Brunch and creating lunch pack. 

9.45 – meditation and class

14.00 - lunch box and free time (trips, sauna, etc) 

18.00 - Dinner & evening Q&A




To make a reservation please make a deposit* of 100USD  (860 NOK) at the bottom of this page
*non refundable


EARLY BIRD prices for workshop and accommodation before July 31st 2017:

555 USD ( 4800 NOK) - Including 5 days Workshop and food

333 USD ( 2900 NOK) - MODULE 1 only (3 days Workshop & food)  



After July 31st - Price will be as follow:

630 USD (5500 NOK) - Including 5 days Workshop and food 

375 USD (3250 NOK) - MODULE 1 only (3 days Workshop & food)  


*Book as a couple or join us with a friend, and save 100$ on joint payment *




For a Big Cabin - 3 people sharing, single rooms: 250,- NOK (30 $US) pr person per night. (With shower, kitchen, fireplace) 

For a Small Cabin - 2 people sharing, shared room: 150,- NOK (18 $US) pr person per night. (Shower, toilet etc and so 50 meters from this cabins). 

Bring own sheets and towels, or its possible to rent on the campground. (90 NOK)  (11 $US)

For bringing own tent: 120 NOK pr night. 



"Jean-Manuel brilliantly and eloquently conveys the miracle of life that surrounds us.  It inspires to live in a more conscious way.  With humour, tangible examples, Jean Manuel makes such immense themes accessible.  I am very grateful for the wonderful atmosphere Jean Manuel created in the group , and for the fascinating content during the whole of the workshop."


"Here is a man one must meet.

Rarely do I post recommended events for fear of being perceived as commercial or abusing the access to this supportive group of friends I have here. But this one, my friends, is a must.

Jean Manuel is one of those seers that understands and feels Humanity in its entirety: physical, psychological, emotional, energetic, subtle, spiritual, mystical and cosmic... and he has the intellect to explain it with inspiration and ease."

                    - Melissa Nunez Brown – Shambala Gathering retreat



The remaining payment can be done here or on site

* Non-refundable deposit

About Jean-Manuel Nadeau

At an early age, with camera in hand, Jean-Manuel left the life he knew to discover our world. His 10 years spent across Central America and throughout Asia brought him into the depth of human experience.

What was supposed to be a simple adventure became his life's journey and a pilgrimage into the practices of ancient wisdom. His life forever changed after an immersion into Vipassana meditation, where he experienced a state of dissolution of the body-mind complex. Mystic Visionary and talented visual artist, he has now settled in Asia, where he was initiated in the Sacred Mystery schools and into the practice of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy, where he learned to master the sensitivity and wisdom gained in his meditation practice for the purpose of assisting others on their path of self-discovery. His study led him to discover the dynamics of time, ancient calendars and astrology. His wisdom and healing discoveries are being shared with others through the practice of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy (certified level 6), astrology, and through a variety of workshops and lectures.


Join us for a journey into the cosmos that will empower and unveil the astrologer within.

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