Whispers of our Ancestors

Module 1 : Stepping into your True Self
August 15-16-17-18th


We invite 9 committed souls to join us for a thematic 4 days journey of transpersonal healing in the field of ancestry and family dynamics, through revealing lectures on the principles of healing, soul constellations and tailored homeopathic remedies. 

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us
— Joseph Campbell

Stepping into our True Self

What is holding you back? Which area of your life still feels like living a life of expectations from others? What would your life feel like if you were free to live your authentic dream?

One day or another, we are all going to ask ourselves whether we lived the life we truly were meant to live. More often than not, we end up pursuing an unconscious personal myth we’ve been imprinted with, shaped by our social environment, family expectations and inherited memories. 

The purpose of the workshop is to: 

-           Highlight your relationship to your true self

-           Gain insight on the forces carried unconsciously over several generations, sometime inherited dynamics from 7 generations back, or more.

-       Provide clarity on the healing dynamics necessary for you to break free of these inherited energies and obsolete self-sabotaging patterns.

-       Empower your understanding and integration of the healing process

-       Support the integration of the resulting shift in awareness

This allows for a new life course to be set in motion and live a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and authentic life. It is a choice to be an agent of change by creating and embodying a different story.

The healing field of this workshop is enhanced by a committed and trusting group, acting as mini-incubator for powerful collective transformation through individual willingness to be the vehicle for the change we seek to see in the world.

This process empowers you personally, serves your extended family and also gives back to the collective field. Our personal healing is the first step we can make to participate in global healing. The result can be life changing.   


What you will experience

·          Essential insights on the mystical principles of healing
·          Your own constellation
·      Experiential practice through holding space for other constellations
·      Tailored homeopathic remedies


Principles of healing

"What is too difficult to process does not fade away on its own, but rather is stored in our unconscious. What remains unconscious does not dissolve, but rather resurfaces in our lives as fate or destiny” (Carl Jung). In other words, we’re likely to keep repeating our unconscious patterns until we bring them into the light of awareness.

who am I?  You represent less than 1% of your family history.

We underestimate the impact of the inherited patterns and dynamics, and also underestimate our power to free ourselves from it.

More than 99% of your awareness is influenced by unconscious forces, leaving less than 1% of all your actions driven by conscious choices. When the 1% of yourself wishes to change a pattern that has been passed on over generations, you are actually going against 99% of the forces that preserve the identity/references towards what feels a safe way to be.

Yet the power of awareness has the ability to reshape our references.

Research in the field of psychotherapy has come to realize the power of traumatic events in our ancestry lineage and recognized its impact on the individual, resulting in the inability to be present in the life you are meant to live/love, and to manifest our true identity in our personal life. 

Why Now ?

From an astrological perspective, every moment is shaped by a unique planetary configuration. The universal energies are now perfectly aligned to support your process, to make a step into your true self.

Why? For the first part of 2016 mars has been in a rare retrograde through the depth of Scorpio. This period was a preparation for personal transformation, uprooting deep and hidden self-sabotaging behavior preventing forward movement towards our authentic self. From mid-July onwards, mars will be moving forward. It can be used as a momentum forward into the path that was written for our true self. Will you use your energy towards manifesting what you wish to see in your life ?

What is holding you back? Which area of your life still feels like living a life of expectations from others?

If we look back to the years since 2012 until now, it was a window of time giving you the opportunity to get in touch with your truth. This gave rise to a conflict between fearlessly following your truth versus the references, beliefs or expectations of the established structures of authority often represented by family and relationships

Today you may find yourself on the brink of living the life you truly aspire to. These references are acting as limitations and sabotaging patterns with the illusion that it provides safety and protection, approval and love.

2016 can be the year where you step into your true self. 

What is Family Constellation ?

Children seldom or never dare to live a happier or more fulfilling life than their parents. Unconsciously they remain loyal to unspoken family traditions that work invisibly.
— Bertold Ulsamer

Healing movements of the Soul in Family- and Ancestral Constellations

Our ancestors have far more impact on our daily lives than we often realise. Secrets, unresolved conflicts, patterns, burdens, trauma’s and belief systems can be passed on for generations. Until they are seen, acknowledged, heal and/or transformed.

People have a natural desire for balance and harmony, especially in the family system. Children, open and receptive as they are, pick up on disharmony, stress, sadness, etc. And they try to help to resolve the problems, in order to create harmony again. Being adults, we are still doing this, unconsciously. We try to help and/or carry luggage that is not ours. Even luggage that comes from generations back. And of course each family has it’s luggage. Each family has (had) experiences that disturb this basic balance and harmony.

For instance:

  a miscarriage, aborted or still-born child

  sudden or early death of a family member

  separation of parents or children

  sexual or physical abuse

  war, violence

  ancestors who had to leave their homeland



  etc etc.


How do we know that what we carry is not our own fate?

We all carry luggage that is not ours. And often some luggage even serves us to become stronger and to feel our full potential.

But there will be a moment in our lives when we feel that the luggage we took on is too heavy and it holds us back from living our own life fully. 

We start suffering from physical and/or emotional issues, like anxiety, depression, anger, sadness, sudden or severe illnesses. We can get money issues: being in depth, loosing (or always giving away) lots of money; we might not be able to find the right job, partner, house. We might feel isolated, a feeling of not belonging, not being good/worthy enough, etc. and we realise that these feelings and belief systems are holding us imprisoned.

In essence, any issue that we suffer from, or that feels as a blockage, is somehow connected to someone, or an event, in the family where we are connected with.


So how does a constellation work?

In a constellation family dynamics become visible, when participants represent members of the family. Standing in the energy-field (also called the ‘Knowing Field’), they will experience feelings and emotions from the person they represent. Slowly dynamics unfold and long-held trauma’s, burdens, secrets, etc. can become visible.

That is the moment when we can honor and bow, that is the moment when we can let go of what we have been trying to resolve, re-member or carry for so long. That is the moment when healing can take place, for ourselves and for the family members that are involved. 


What is homeopathy ?

I have evolved a concept over years of study and practice in the fields of homeopathic medicine, kinesiology, naturopathy, anthroposophy, health sciences, herbal medicine and alchemy. This concept states that the process of healing is one where we integrate holding patterns so that we may gradually progress toward oneness with our True Self. Our physical, etheric, emotional, mental and sometimes spirit bodies are in a constant process of showing us what needs to be integrated in order to graduate to the next stage of personal evolution.

Thus far my tools for integrating these holding patterns have been the elements of nature potentized into a homeopathic remedy. These include plants, minerals, metals, gems, atomic elements, animal energies and disease tissues. The homeopathic potentization process releases these substances from the material world into the informational plane, where potential is increased exponentially. Having these elements on the informational plane allows our bodies to respond voluntarily, rather than having a chemical reaction ‘forced’ on them.

You may be wondering what these ‘holding patterns’ may be? There are virtually infinite possibilities, however those I have commonly encountered include chronic and acute infection ( disease information ), all forms of trauma, addictions, auto immune reactions, negative emotional patterns, occupational, environmental and ancestral holding patterns.

Despite the powerful tools at my disposal, including the consultation itself, I’ve always felt there to be an even deeper, more comprehensive way. This is where collaboration becomes essential.

Through connecting the family constellation process ( bringing in the collective ) with the homeopathic process ( focusing in on the individual ), we approach integration from both ends of the spectrum, leading to a point of singularity that encompasses multiple elements that usually take multiple consultationsto reveal.

As we are working on the level of information, possibilities are infinite. Each family constellation session will be recorded through the medium of water and crystal, then potentized homeopathically and given to each participant for future reference should the holding pattern require further integration. As well as this, a homeopathic remedy will be selected based on the theme of the pattern to further develop the process of integration. 


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