All works are being done by the energy and power of nature, but due to the delusion of ego, people assume themselves to be the doer
— Expressed by the Bhagavad Gita.

Below you will find workshops and trainings I facilitate or workshops I co-teach with other amazing souls. Most of them are available to be taught in most countries, and can be customized for shorter or longer time period. 

There are 3 main workshop categories:


The Cosmos

workshops focusing mainly towards understanding our place in this world and in time by looking at the forces of the macrocosm through the eye of the cosmos. Exploring the concept and experience of time as an anchor into venturing into ancient civilization's consciousness and the use of astrology to map the cycles of our lives and turn challenges into a creative and healing process. 







The Body

Our own inner cosmos where magnificent forces abound. We are born out of fluids, and all come from the ocean. All the structures in your body came from one drop of fluid. How to learn about the human body, by the body itself. How to listen to it's millions of years of evolution. The body speaks through anatomy, through motions and sensations. How to find the inner space within from which we can listen to a creative intelligence far beyond our mind, yet apply awareness as healing presence. 










You represent 1% of your family history, if not less. And within yourself 1% of your awareness is conscious, the rest is unconscious aspect of our psyche. When the 1% of yourself decide it wants to heal itself, or wish to change a pattern that has been passed on over generations, you are actually going against 99% of the forces that preserve the actualstate of consciousness you are in. Yet, even against gravity, we have to power to stand. Not the body, but consciousness in the body. The same concept applies for healing, when facing deeply rooted pattern, force will no be able to withstand, yet the power of awareness will. With the help of soul family constellation work, we will dive into the forces that shape and maintain energies within your field.