Biodynamic Touch Retreats & Trainings


Biodynamic Touch Retreats & Trainings


MAY 2020


- Module I - Sacred Space -
May 1- 7th, 2020

- Module II - Inner Space - 
May 9 - 15th, 2020

- Module III - As above So below - 
May 19 - 25th, 2020



- Module I - Sacred Space -
January 21-27th, 2020

- Module II - Inner Space - 
February 1-7th, 2020

Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing
— Henry Miller

What is Biodynamic Touch? 

Biodynamic Touch is for everyone interested in learning about healing presence, perceiving from the heart, and the power of non-invasive touch. 

Module 1  focuses on developing perceptual and relational skills, anchoring your awareness in the biodynamic approach.  While Module 2 brings us on a journey in anatomy and integrating within ourselves our own inner space through the ventricular space in the brain and the cerebrospinal fluid. In Module 3, we will dive into the language of the body, living anatomy and it’s symbolic.

These seven day classes starts with centering and listening practices intended to create a sacred space for us to explore the dynamics of healing, to deepen into the stillness of presence, and to enter into contact with the body by allowing its inner wisdom to guide us through a treatment. 

We will also cover the principles and anatomy of craniosacral therapy such as the fluid tide, diaphragms and membrane, and look at stages of embryology through a combination of theory, practice, group sharing, demonstration and time for questions.

The intimacy created within the group is of primary importance. Spaces are limited to 8-10 students and the group field will be shaped by each of us. Feel into your heart if this is the class for you. 

This course is designed for you to gently immerse yourself in the stillness centered in our heart, and grounded in the mountains of Norway.  The class will be held in a brand new nature shala built at the foot of Melkevoll glacier. Stunning mountain views and cozy modern cabins with fireplaces are waiting to host us in the valley.  Spring waters abound, saunas, home cooked meals, and access to nearby mountain trekking paths are just meters away, offering abundant natural beauty and comfort to support the co-creation of a sacred space for the group. 

I invite you to join us on this inner journey.

Location & Food

This class will take place in the gorgeous valley of Oldeladen in Norway, at the foot of the Melkevoll glacier. Accommodation will be in beautifully designed high standard wood cabin accommodation shared with 3 people. Everyone gets a private room in a shared cabin.

The cabins have fully equipped kitchens and living rooms, with shower and toilet, fireplace and outdoor terrace with stunning mountain views over the glaciers and valley. You may bring your own sheet & towels if you do not want to rent them. There is easy access to many mountain trekking paths from the camp site, which also has a sauna and a cold river for the courageous one. The retreat includes nurturing homemade meals prepared by the retreat chef Frank. It will be healthy vegetarian/vegan cuisine for lunch and dinner during the 7-day class. 8 nights of accommodation is included, with 6 full days of training and 1 free day of trekking, rest or group practice.

More information on accommodation and retreat location


This course will cover

Perceptual skills

The field is highly complex, we will learn to perceive the body on multiple levels of organization. The physical, fluids and energetic. In turn, these skills will become foundation for therapeutic use. We will familiarize ourselves with midtide, fulcrums, primal orientation, embryological forces and living anatomy.


Contact skills

To facilitate a session, we take a position in regards to a patient. This position, although neutral, is enhanced by the ability to be present and is applied through perceptual skills through touch. In order to listen to subtle motions and information contain within the body mind, we need to develop presence and body awareness. Knowledge of physiology and anatomy will enhance your awareness. Learning how to listen with your hands while creating a safe touch enhancing the relationship with physiology.


Relational field

This work is relational in essence and therefore developing the presence we bring in treatment space is primordial. We will learn the steps in deepening our presence, holding space, listening and being. 99% of the work happens through the unseen and the unknown. Your ability to remain present while in the unknown is at the essence of this work.


Therapeutic skills

Being a therapist isn’t a role for everyone, yet being a compassionate skilled listener is something we can all develop. How to respond to the variety of situations arising in clinical setting, from relational skills therapist / patient to handling trauma release. 


What is Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy


It is an approach to healing that acknowledges and accesses the deepest healing foundations of the human system. Anchored in the physical body, we get in touch with an energetic essence called “the breath of life” generating tide-like fluid movements that manifest as a biodynamic life force within the human system. This ordering principal of inherent health integrates all cellular and tissue form and function and is at work as an “inherent blueprint” from conception until death. The healing potential, and the knowledge of what needs to occur is already enfolded in the condition of the issue and will unfold in its own way.

 Our objective is to develop our perception and sensitivity towards these subtle forces and comprehend the principles of healing at work and how it is enhanced by your inner stillness, perceptions and heart presence.  

Your craniosacral system and central nervous system have a reciprocal influence on all of the other systems of your body, (such as the digestive, respiratory, cardiac, lymphatic, etc). The craniosacral system is also important to the development and function of the brain and spinal cord. It is comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround, protect, nourish and remove waste from your brain and spinal cord. In this work, we get in touch with the embryological forces that shaped and created your body and let it guide us. This ordering principle has created your body from the moment of conception to birth and is constantly at work in creating a state of health. The ability to surrender to these forces and let them re-create the original human blueprint is our only task.







Module I - This module is an excellent starting point for anyone looking for self-healing as well as those wanting to add skills to their practice or deepen their understanding of the healing field (energy therapist, massage & movement therapist, CS therapist, yoga teachers and meditators). Our own healing is key in order to facilitate for others.

Level I is a requirement for further levels.


The group is limited to 8-10 students. Contact me to register. 




April 30th - Arrival - Check in cabins from 3pm
*Possibility of pick up shuttle in Stryn bus station at 6pm

May 1-3 first 3 days of class
May 4th - Day of rest / hike or practice
May 5-7th - last 3 days of Module 1

Class end in the evening of May 7th
Check out time on May 8th, before 12pm


May 8th - Arrival - Check in cabins from 3pm
*Possibility of pick up shuttle in Stryn bus station at 6pm

May 9th-10-11 first 3 days of class
May 12th - Day of rest / hike or practice
May 13-14-15 last 3 days of Module 2

Class end in the evening of May 15th
Check out time on May 16th, before 12pm

Class starts on the morning of the first day at 10am and end around 6-7pm.  A typical day will see a lecture on different topics, practical exercises, demonstration sessions, exchange practice, sharing and questions & answer.  The retreat also includes brunch and dinner with healthy vegetarian food served. Also included is the use of the sauna as well as gatherings in the Stone cave on the last day. 

*** Breakfast is at the discretion of each of you, on arrival, you can stop at a groceries store 30 min drive from the retreat or bring with you what you require before the retreat.



The training cost 13,000 NOK  ( EUR 1350 ) 

Early bird price of 12,000 NOK (EUR 1250) before August 31st

If you book for both module at once we can offer 11,111 NOK each. (EUR 1150)

A deposit of 2500NOK (EUR 250) can be made to reserve and hold your place until full payment. Deposit is non-refundable.

If for any reason the retreat should be cancelled by us, you will receive the full amount back. Please be aware that we need to charge the full amount for the retreat for any cancellation less than one month before the retreat starts. 

contact me via the contact form below for deposit in Euros or USD

Or Johanne for payment in NOK at



The easiest way is to come here by car. 
GPS coordinates: 61.66473º N, 6.81649º Ø

Sharing car option may be organized.

You can book your bus through:!/


Gardermoen (Oslo Airport)


Stryn (Stryn rutebilstasjon)

Timetable below:

Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) toStryn (Stryn rutebilstasjon)

Stryn (Stryn rutebilstasjon) to Gardermoen (Oslo Airport) 

At Stryn Rutebilstasjon you will be picked up for your transfer to the accommodation site.

Nettbuss are comfortable and even have wifi for your journey 7 hour journey. 



Contact me to receive the application form, reserve your place or to make a deposit for the class

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